History of the Company

Memories and Milestones

Memories and Milestones

At Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd, our journey has been marked by significant memories and remarkable milestones. 

Since our establishment in 2012, we’ve achieved numerous accomplishments that have shaped our identity and solidified our position as a leading player in the construction and industrial sectors in the Maldives.

Formation and Early Projects

Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd was founded in 2012 with a vision to contribute to the development of the Maldives through construction excellence. In these early years, we undertook foundational projects that set the tone for our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Diversification and Expanding Services and Expertise

As the demand for our services grew, we recognized the need to diversify. In 2015, we expanded our service offerings to include design and installation of electrical power systems, sewer systems, and water networks. This strategic move allowed us to cater to a broader range of projects, including those in the government and resort sectors.

Venturing into Hospitality and Operational Excellence in Hospitality

In 2017, Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd ventured into the hospitality sector, operating guest houses and safari live boards across the Maldives. This expansion not only showcased our adaptability but also demonstrated our commitment to providing exceptional experiences beyond the realm of construction.

Technical Consultancy and Innovation and Guiding Projects to Success

In recent years, our focus on technical consultancy services has played a crucial role in guiding various projects to success. We have provided expert guidance in electrical and mechanical engineering, contributing to the efficiency and innovation of projects in resort, government, and specific sectors.

Celebrating Success in the last 10 years

One of our proudest achievements is the total completed contract value of MVR 149,262,040.12 from 2014 to 2021. This not only reflects our financial success but also underscores the trust our clients place in our ability to deliver quality results.

Looking Ahead: Future Aspirations

As we reflect on our memories and milestones, we are energized to continue our journey of excellence. Our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and delivering exceptional service remains unwavering. We look forward to creating more memories and achieving new milestones as we contribute to the continued growth and development of the Maldives.

Join us in celebrating the memories and milestones that define Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd’s legacy in the construction and industrial landscape of the Maldives.


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