History of the company

Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd

Establishment and Growth

Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd had its humble beginnings in 2012 when it was formally established and registered with the Ministry of Economic Development in the Maldives. The company’s journey started with a vision to become a prominent player in the construction and industrial sectors of the Maldives.

Initial Focus

In its early years, Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd primarily focused on construction, particularly in the building and civil engineering sectors. The company undertook projects related to multi-story buildings, steel structures, and civil works. It quickly gained recognition for its dedication to delivering high-quality construction services, earning the trust of clients and partners.

Expanding Services

As the company matured, it expanded its range of services to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd began to offer design and installation services for electrical power systems, sewer systems, and water networks. Additionally, the company ventured into the design, fabrication, and installation of bulk diesel tanks and fuel lines, catering to both government and resort projects.

Technical Consultancy and Hospitality

Recognizing the need for expert guidance, the company introduced technical consultancy services in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering. This service became invaluable to resort, government, and specific projects seeking innovative and efficient solutions.

Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd also diversified into the hospitality sector by operating guest houses throughout the Maldives. This expansion allowed the company to offer memorable experiences for travelers exploring the Maldives.

International Partnerships

The company’s commitment to excellence and quality services led to strategic collaborations with trading partners from various countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, India, and the USA. These partnerships enabled Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd to provide top-notch industrial products and services to its clients.

Continued Growth

Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd’s journey has been marked by sustained growth and success. The company’s dedication to understanding the needs of its customers and its focus on achieving clients’ objectives and business benefits have contributed to its reputation as a reliable and competent technical services provider in the Maldives.

Today, Wee Hour Investment Pvt Ltd stands as a multi-disciplinary company in the Maldives with a strong foundation in construction, industrial trading, and hospitality services. With a diverse project portfolio and an international presence, the company continues to evolve and thrive, offering exceptional value to its clients and partners.


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